Wine Cellar

In the 13th century, Vysoká Street was already considered to be the street of winegrowers. Supposedly there were Hungarian servants from the Bratislava Castle who settled there, later winegrowers predominantly lived in the Obchodná, Panenská and Vysoká Street neighbourhood. This was the primary reason why extensive wine cellars were constructed in many houses. In certain conditions the winegrowers were allowed to sell their own wine under the wide gates of two-floor houses. Thanks for the winegrowers these cellars built of bricks have survived and are nowadays becoming public houses, underground restaurants and cafés.

You can therefore now enjoy excellent top wines in our remodelled original wine cellar too. Under the arches marked with history there is room for 30 customers. The wine cellar offers space for meetings, events, family celebrations or simply for enjoyment of both history and excellent wine.
Possible to rent for the price of 65 EUR.

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